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Thempores 900

Easy to use.
In extensive range of colours.

A single coat system or finishing coat for protecting and embellishing metal objects
that are regularly exposed to high temperatures (350 to 600°C)

  • Versatile and flexible: able to tolerate a range of different operating environments.
  • Good colour preservation after first heating.
  • Full range of colours available including white.


Colours: other colours available on request (volume dependent) 9410 White, 1580 Magnolia, 5557 Metallic Blue, 6578 Storm Green, 8601 Bronze Fire, 8556 Cacao, 9314 Aluminium, 9319 Oystershell Grey, 9321 Granite Grey, 6200 Flat Black, 9108 Dark Black, 9105 Satin Black, 9309 Metallic Black, 9301 Anthracite
Appearance when dry  Mat, mat-satin, satin
Packaging 5 KG / 20 KG
Max operating temperature 300°C – 600°C colour dependant
Solid matter content (by weight) depending on formulation 30 – 55%
Surface preparation Good results can be obtained with thorough degreasing, cleaning and mechanical removal of all traces of rust but surface blasting in accordance with SA 2 ½ is advised
Application Apply using a low pressure conventional spray gun (with or without electrostatic spraying equipment)
Application conditions
(Surface Temperature)
+5°C and surface temperature at 3°C above dew point
Theoretical coverage (depending on formulation) 10 -16 m² /L for dry film thickness of 25 μm
Recommended film thickness 25 (± 5) μm
Recommended drying conditions Air drying system. Optimum properties (fully cured, chemical resistance to oil, diesel and gasoline) will only apply after heating above 220°C for at least 60 minutes
Shelf Life/Storage Conditions
(+5C° < T < 35°)
6 months in original unopened packaging, protected from moisture, extreme cold and excessive heat

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